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December 2, 2017  

Some conditions were set. Others you don’t have yet; therefore you must go get!

November 11, 2017  

Quick hit. Opportunities are everywhere. Be opportunity oriented.

October 31, 2017  

If you’re a leader, spend most of your time thinking. Leadership is about vision.

If you’re a manager, spend most of your time writing. Management is about documentation.

October 23, 2017  

Quit being a bitch. Road podcast for men who are broke and complaining.

July 19, 2017  

How a blame-centered mindset prevents growth.

May 14, 2017  

We all have good ideas.  We all know what is required to make ourselves better.  The challenge is to make yourself do it.  

April 23, 2017  

Decisions must come before details.  If you focus on details before you actually commit to a decision, you will never get around to making the decision at all. 

February 26, 2017  

What will you leave us? 

February 13, 2017  

Les Brown's

It's possible.

It's necessary.

It's you.


January 1, 2017  

On this New Year's Day.  Rethink your resolution(s).  Make sure it's specific and doable.  Make sure it's a new habit!


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